Prohormones are pharmaceutical products that have the beginner prohormone cycle 2016 status of biologically active additives (dietary supplements), so their effect on the body is less pronounced than drugs. In this regard, it is recommended to use prohormones in a complex, combining 2-3 types, so that their effects complement and enhance each other.



The average course of therapy is 1-1.5 months. Almost all drugs have a natural composition, therefore they do not affect the state of the hormonal background and have almost no side reactions. However, in order to obtain the correct effect at the end of their intake, it is still recommended to carry out a course of rehabilitation treatment. Its duration is 2-3 weeks and allows you to improve the condition of the liver, to activate the synthesis of its own sexual androgen.

The optimal combination of prohormones is usually indicated in the instructions for their use, but athletes’ reviews say that the best effect is observed when combining drugs from different manufacturers. Because there are no strictly defined combinations; it is better to entrust their preparation to a specialist.

Reception should be carried out according to the annotation, adhering to the recommended doses and rules of use, depending on the meal. An important nuance – the use of only one type of prohormones will be practically useless.

Adverse Reactions

Although prohormones are natural drugs, their side reactions are similar paravar side effects to those of classic steroid medications. However, this type of pharmaceutical products more often causes reactions of individual intolerance.

Benefits of drugs


The list includes:

  • a small number of side effects and their rare manifestation;
  • carefully designed formula for each product;
  • lack of conversion to female sex hormones (estrogens).